January 29, 2023 6:56 pm

Canada `s Interac introduces tokenisation service

Canada's Interac introduces tokenisation service

Canadian debit network Interac is promising to make digital payments more secure through the introduction of a token generation and management service.

60 Seconds Smarter: Tokenization

Discover how Tokenization works in 60 seconds or less. Learn more at services.intel.com.

Visa’s Business Strategy | Earnings Call Webinar

Watch as Brent Barclay walks you through how to listen to earnings calls by breaking down Alfred Kelly’s strategy at Visa. In this recording, Brent will:
– Introduce three steps that will help you break down any earnings call
– Walk you through Visa’s Q4 2022 earnings
– Give you examples of how to put these concepts into practice

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EMV® Payment Tokenisation: What, Why and How

The What, Why and How of EMV® Payment Tokenisation. Watch this recording from David Worthington, EMVCo Tokenisation Working Group Chair, to learn the benefits and value that EMV Payment Tokenisation can bring to the payment community and the role that EMVCo plays.

P2P 2022 Conference: Intersectoral Collaboration to Improve Immigrant Outcomes

Pathways to Prosperity 2022 National Conference // Conférence nationale 2022 de Voies vers la prospérité

Intersectoral Collaboration to Improve Immigrant Outcomes

One of the key learnings from the pandemic is that addressing the new and long-standing challenges we face in supporting immigration to Canada requires the efforts and cooperation of multiple sectors. In this plenary we will focus on how and whom we can interact with to both fill immigrants’ and refugees’ needs and support their full integration into Canadian society. Topics to be addressed will include intersectoral collaboration to support immigrant employment, housing, and mental health, intersectoral collaboration to respond to large scale humanitarian arrivals, and intersectoral collaboration to address other challenges in filling immigrant and refugee needs that those working in the area of immigration can not solve alone.

Chair: Iain Reeve, Associate Director, Immigration Research, Conference Board of Canada

Opportunities for Success: The Role of Municipalities in Immigration Strategies and Intersectoral Collaboration to Improve Immigrant Employment: The Case of the City of Moncton
Angelique Reddy-Kalala, Immigration Strategy Officer, City of Moncton

Collaboration and Partnerships: Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Immigrant and Refugees
Aamna Ashraf, Manager of Health Equity, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Reaching a Better ROI: How Settlement Sector and Private Sector Collaboration Can Create Better Outcomes for Newcomers
Jennifer Freeman, Chief Executive Officer, PeaceGeeks

Responding to the Ukraine Crisis : Do We Have Everyone Around the Table?
Jeremy Smith, Director of Strategic Policy for the Immigration and Population Growth Branch of Nova Scotia’s Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration

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