January 29, 2023 6:55 pm

Gemini bolsters DeFi team through Guesser acquire-hire

Gemini bolsters DeFi team through Guesser acquire-hire

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has boosted its DeFi credentials through the acquisition of Guesser, a real-time predictions market platform. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Umbrella Network TableTalks Episode 03: Discussing the Lucidity Acquisition

Umbrella Network’s Founder Sam Kim discusses #UMBacquiresLucidity with Umbrella Network’s Presidents John Chen and Sam Goldberg. Also joining them is Umbrella Network’s CTO Miguel Morales.

Read ANN – https://medium.com/umbrella-network/umbrella-network-announces-strategic-acquisition-of-lucidity-leading-blockchain-based-advertising-4b00b56044d7

Read Sam’s thoughts – https://medium.com/umbrella-network/launching-the-enterprise-blockchain-business-why-the-umbrella-network-acquired-lucidity-47f4db6e5eff

Read the recap of the internal AMA – https://medium.com/umbrella-network/umbrella-network-internal-ama-w-sam-kim-and-john-chen-recap-31fb330ea88a

Read Community Council’s Approval – https://medium.com/umbrella-network/umbrella-networks-community-council-approves-lucidity-acquisition-706fa8e8b780

Prophecy Defi Inc. penny stock PDFI



Gemini, Danish & Crypto, 5.5 Billion DeFi Prank, New Blockchain Rules, & AI King to Pay Mortals

Binance Auditor Halts All Crypto Work + Maple, Gemini Updates

Binance auditor Mazars has reportedly paused all crypto-related work, going as far as scraping off its recent Binance proof-of-reserves report from the website. This is adding fuel to concerns around the state of finances at Binance, but some blockchain analysts are pointing out the company is not going through what FTX did. Maple Finance CEO and co-founder Sidney Powell and COSIMO Ventures managing partner Rob Frasca join Marco Olivera and Ash Bennington to discuss all of that. Plus, we’ll cover new crypto regulation in New York, the troubles at Gemini, and Coinbase introducing a recovery tool for unsupported tokens.

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