January 29, 2023 6:56 pm

Interac opens innovation lab

Interac opens innovation lab

Canadian debit network Interac has opened an innovation outpost and accelerator at Communitech, a tech hub based in the city of Kitchener, Ontario.

Harvard i-lab | Startup Secrets: Turning Products into Companies

You’ve figured out your value prop, you’ve got a great product under development. Now what? How can you develop a roadmap to build a company? VCs often qualify deals as being a “feature” a “product” or a “company.” Which do you have and how will you get where you want to go? During this session we’ll discuss how to think about designing your product as a foundational element of your business. Think beyond UX and Architecture to Whole Product, Ecosystems, and Strategic partners. Formulate how to design your go to market strategy and business model into your product with a modular architecture, distinctive packaging and a frictionless approach.

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Open Telco Infra Summit Live Q&A Show – Day 2

The Q &A Show was broadcast live at the end of Day Two of the Open Telco Infra Summit. TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels and Ray Le Maistre were joined by industry guest panellists for this question and answer session. Among the questions raised by our audience were:

Are there too many test and integration labs? Do we need consolidation?
Is there a risk of heading towards “re-integration” – taking us back to where we started with lock-in?
Expanding the open networking ecosystem needs major investment but who is going to invest in start-ups and new innovative technology companies?
With telcos moving to the cloud, how has this affected the approach to observability, considering that network elements have transitioned to software components?
Are any parts of telco networks already showing any benefits of open networking deployments; are there any positive use cases?

Terje Jensen SVP Network and Cloud Technology Strategy, Telenor
Ali A. Kafel, Senior Director, Global Telco Ecosystem, Red Hat
Diego Lopez, Senior Technology Expert, Telefónica
Anshul Bhatt, Head of Intelligent Operations, Rakuten Symphony
Jim Brisimitzis, Founder, 5G Open Innovation Lab

First Broadcast Live: November 2022

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C1 Innovation Lab – Design Team

In this video, the design team at the C1 Innovation Lab discuss how they use design thinking, data, research insights, and collaboration to develop valuable solutions for our national employer groups. Learn how this team applies a human-centered approach that begins with empathy to create scalable solutions, concepts, pilot products and processes for our largest customer groups.

5g Open Innovation Lab – Food Resiliency Project

This video started our career with the technology industry. 5G Open Innovation Lab was looking for a video that helped explain what they do and the WHY behind what they do.