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Meet Zuck Bucks – Meta `s latest digital currency concoction

Meet Zuck Bucks – Meta's latest digital currency concoction

Unfazed by the demise of its doomed digital currency Diem, Facebook is concocting another virtual token for the metaverse – Zuck Bucks.

Biden signs executive order on cryptocurrency

President Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order that takes steps toward the creation of a digital U.S. dollar.

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Crypto Has No Future In This Economy? Do you Agree? – Insane Crypto Debate

Crypto Has No Future In This Economy? Do you Agree? – Insane Crypto Debate
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Looking at the interview from the show, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, he invited 4 guests, Lee Reiners, Brian Mosof, Molly White, and Claire Brownwell to discuss the topic; Is this the end of Crypto, or could it be a settlement layer for all sorts of financial activities? While it is possible, many factors must converge for cryptocurrencies to truly replace our existing cash.

But it is very likely that in a digital future, a majority of financial solutions will come from cryptocurrencies. The shift towards cryptocurrencies continues to progress, and many online retailers are now accepting different cryptocurrencies as payment methods as well. Physical stores are also starting to accept digital currencies so as not to miss the boat.

More industries could follow suit and offer crypto-oriented products, as well as accept payments in coins. This would further increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies but Lee Reiners seems to think this is truly the end of crypto and there is no way forward.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCNfltV5S1U &t=521s &ab_channel=TheAgendawithStevePaikin

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Microsoft Just KILLED Zuck’s Metaverse

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Huge OPPORTUNITIES For 2023 – Cathie Wood

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Year End Q &A | ITK with Cathie Wood
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